Mission: To provide space to Play, Create, Explore and Discover.

Vision: We envision a community that embraces children as curious, collaborative, and innovative individuals.

History: KJ and Craig Morris, together with the support of over 100 local families and donors, opened the doors of the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum in November 2011.

This statement by KJ and Craig captures the journey of the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum from an idea to reality (all inspired by their daughter, Kensie):

"The Jackson Hole Children's Museum is a dream realized for our local and visiting families, created from the passion of a truly dedicated band of innovative individuals, and built with the support of the amazing community of Jackson. We love watching children come into the Museum and instinctively know what to do. We love seeing the revelation in their parents' eyes, and ultimately the wonder they share as they explore the environment together. The Jackson Hole Children's Museum is a beautiful statement of what is possible when a community uses all of its talent and ingenuity to build something great together!" 

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