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Corporate Partners

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JHCM is made possible in part through the generosity of Corporate Partners. These businesses and their employees recognize the value of creativity, learning and play for our community.


Their investment in JHCM funds ever-growing opportunities for children and families to enjoy greater access to our unique learning experiences.


Through these partnerships, JHCM receives support, and the companies and their employees are provided with unique engagement and recognition opportunities throughout the year.

Read about the value of corporate sponsorship in the Wall Street Journal.

If you are interested in learning more about how you and your team can support the museum click below, and please contact Ethan Lobdell, 307.690.5584

JHCM is deeply grateful for our current partners

JHCM's Reach

Every kid needs the opportunity to let their creativity run wild.
To transform the world around them into an art studio, a tool shop, or an intergalactic expedition. To turn found materials into the world’s next great engineering marvels. And to make a big, spectacular mess.
Every kid needs an adventure like the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum.
Every day—in our museum and beyond it—we work alongside parents, caregivers, and families to unlock the power of play and make fun and inventive learning the norm.

With safe, welcoming play spaces where kids can explore and discover, lively after-school programs and summer camps, and in-depth partnerships with public schools, community nonprofits, and more, our museum is so much more than a place—it’s the heart of a community where creativity and play live everywhere, for everyone.

Because when we turn science into adventures with magnets and wind, art into expressions of curiosity and joy, and imagination into reality, every kid has the opportunity to be a kid, and bring their unique possibilities to life.

1,900 Email Subscribers

10,000+ User days per year

1000's of Locals Served

3,000+ Social Media Followers

90% Of all children <10 served

Over 40 States Served

100,000+ Served Since 2011

1500 Touch-a-Truck Attendees

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