Wacky Wednesday Science Classes

Scavenger Hunt Engineering Challenge

Join JHCM teacher, Anna, in a scavenger hunt for building materials! Your goal is to find materials around your house (without asking your parents!) and then use these materials to engineer a tower! Video demonstration with Anna will go live Wednesday morning, April 29th. Materials and Instructions Here

Earth Day Seed Exploration

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by learning all about seeds and soil! Seeds are the start of life and the reason that this earth is full of biodiversity, beauty and food! You and your little one can explore seeds using fruits and veggies that you have in your house and can even grow your own mini garden in your windowsill. Materials and Instructions Here


Rain Cloud in a Jar

It’s April and it’s VERY wet in Teton County! It’s either snowing or raining or a mixture of both creating a muddy mess all around us.  I first encourage you all to pull on some boots and old clothes and go play in the mud! After your mud exploration, warm up inside with some sensory- science play! Learn all about the rain clouds that helped make that mud you just played in. Materials and Instructions Here