Crafty Kids

We love creating here at the museum and we have plenty of fun materials to make things with! During Crafty Kids, our teachers will provide a crafty idea using a few specific supplies. Children can then explore their own artistic expressions and creative directions.

Wacky Wednesday Science

Every Wednesday, kids (and adults) can explore their inner science nerd with experiments that encourage questions, observation, testing, and more questions. We will explore everything from chemical reactions, to states of matter, the physics of force and motion, to the magic of magnetism. The explorations will be open-ended enough for the younger kids to explore and for older kids (and adults) to ask further questions. 

Sensory Exploration

Pouring, mixing, scooping, dumping...feeling, squishing, splashing, oozing are just some of the sensory explorations we will do every Thursday in the Creativity Studio. Little ones will explore textures, patterns, color and their own curiosity in this very popular teacher-guided program. We make big, fun and gooey messes during this time and while we do offer smocks, it is best to dress your children in clothes that can get a little dirty. The best part: the mess is not in your home!