Wacky Wednesday Sensory & Science Exploration

Wednesdays at 11 AM

Pouring, mixing, scooping, dumping...feeling, squishing, splashing, oozing are just some of the sensory explorations we will do every Wednesday in the Creativity Studio. Combine that with exploring your inner science nerd with experiments that encourage questions, observation, testing, and solutions. The explorations will be open-ended enough for the younger kids to explore and for older kids to ask further questions. The best part: the mess is not in your home! 

Curious Kids

Thursdays at 11 AM

Every week there is an artistic provocation placed in the Creativity Studio. These provocations allow children (and adults) to explore the many different mediums of artistic expression. Each week a new medium is presented where participants can freely explore their artistic roots. On Thursdays from 11-12, a teacher will be in the studio to help guide the activity.