Rubberband Racers

Build your very own race car with popsicle sticks, moveable wheels, hot glue and rubber bands! Great fun for the whole family! Materials and Instructions Here

Turning Viruses and Bacteria Into Art!

Art is often inspired by profound events that occur in our lives. Art can help us confront and  process issues that are affecting our day to day lives and find humor and beauty in unexpected places. Needless to say, the Corona COVID-19 virus is altering human lives around our entire planet in ways we have never seen before. How can you turn viruses and bacteria into art?? Check out the attached documents for examples of how other people expressed germ science through artistic ways! There are drawings, paintings, 3D models, and digital remakes.  You can personify them, make a 3D model with any materials you can find at home, make digital art, or use the virus as a symbol.  You can draw, paint, build or bake your own representations of viruses OR bacteria. The options are limitless! Materials, examples and Instructions Here. 


While we are all cooped up inside or out in our own backyards, we might as well make crafts that we can have fun with for days and days and days.  Making catapults is the perfect building challenge for kids of all ages!  The internet is chock-full of DIY catapult projects from simple popsicle stick catapults that shoot marshmallows to large lawn catapults that can shoot tennis balls and watermelons!  Below, I picked three catapult websites/youtube videos that seem straight-forward and easy to follow along, with several different catapult size projects. Materials and Instructions Materials and Instructions Here 

What can YOU Build with a Cardboard Box?!

What Can YOU make from a cardboard box? The options are limitless!  A doll house?  A matchbox car garage?  A castle?  A computer? A geodesic dome? Materials and Instructions Here. 

Folded Paper Houses 

Today’s project involves a lot of cutting and folding and is perfect for school aged kids. Not only  is this such a great fine motor and precision skill for 7 to 12 year old brains and fingers, it is also a wonderful hands on lesson in 3D geometric shapes.  We are achieving the M in STEAM for this project!  If you have a little one, they can decorate the house and then have an adult or older sibling  assist them with the cutting, folding and taping. Materials and Instructions Here

Tin Can Robots! 

We are going through canned coconut milk and refried beans like water these days!  I have a really hard time throwing away tin cans because you can do so much with them and they are kind of cool looking.  I use them as pen, pencil and marker caddies.  I thought it would be really fun to make ROBOTs from tin cans and any other scrap materials you have lying around your house. Materials and Instructions Here 

Rubberband Powered Boats

Snow and ice are melting, ponds and creeks are re-emerging and bathtubs are the new swimming pool!  Let’s make rubber band powered boats for some exciting water play!  There are many ways to create these boats using all kinds of different recycled materials. Materials and Instructions Here 

Springtime Forts!

May is the BEST time to make forts outside.  The weight of the winter snow has broken many limbs, the grass and shrubs are short and easy and to forage through and the earth is soft enough to pierce with sticks and stones.  There is not just one way to build a fort, there are many ways to do it.  Through trial and error, YOU will discover the best way to build YOUR fort. Materials and Instructions Here 

Milk Cartoon Dump Truck 

In preparation for our upcoming Touch A Truck Event on June 7th, get ready for some fun truck crafts!  This one is awesome and will use some of the same wheel and axle engineering skills as our first ever online challenge, the Rubberband Powered car!  This time you get to make a DUMP TRUCK! Materials and Instructions Here 

Cardboard Truck Costumes!

The Touch A Truck Parade is coming to a neighborhood near you this year on Sunday, June 7th.  How cool would it be for you to greet your favorite trucks dressed as your FAVORITE truck!  You know what the best part of this project is...your Halloween costume will be made in June!  You can take that project off your Fall to do list!  Can you imagine the photo opportunity of all the little trucks and truckers all over town celebrating Touch A Truck? Materials and Instructions Here 

Paper Trucks with Moveable Parts 

Make your own 2.5D TRUCKS with moveable parts!  You get to color, cut with scissors, glue, punch holes, learn what a brad is and then play with your artistic and practical creations.  Materials and Instructions Here