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The Jackson Hole Children's Museum is an important resource for my family and our community. Their engaging play spaces encourage families to PLAY, CREATE, EXPLORE and DISCOVER together. They organize  enriching after school and summer programs, integrated K-5th Grade STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Programs and exploratory Pre-Kindergarten Programs the positively benefit our community. 
Check out their impact last year:
  • 9500 visits to the Museum in 2016
  • 250 working families benefited from the after school and summer programming
  • 80% of K-5th grade students in Teton County attended an integrated STEAM program. 
  • Hundreds of children explored and experienced through Pre Kindergarten partnerships and programs. 
Giving a little means A LOT to children in our community. 
Please consider a gift to the JH Children's Museum today:)


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    Wacky Wednesday Science Classes

    Scavenger Hunt Engineering Challenge

    Join JHCM teacher, Anna, in a scavenger hunt for building materials! Your goal is to find materials around your house (without asking your parents!) and then use these materials to engineer a tower! Video demonstration with Anna will go live Wednesday morning, April 29th. Materials and Instructions Here

    Earth Day Seed Exploration

    What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by learning all about seeds and soil! Seeds are the start of life and the reason that this earth is full of biodiversity, beauty and food! You and your little one can explore seeds using fruits and veggies that you have in your house and can even grow your own mini garden in your windowsill. Materials and Instructions Here

    Dry Ice Experiments! 

    Playing with dry ice is one of the coolest science experiments you can do in your home! But an adult has to be present in order to conduct this science experiment! In this Wacky Wednesday Science Program you will learn all about the magic of dry ice, how we can be safe when playing with it, and some really cool tips and tricks for experimenting with dry ice. Materials and Instructions Here

    Rain Cloud in a Jar

    It’s April and it’s VERY wet in Teton County! It’s either snowing or raining or a mixture of both creating a muddy mess all around us.  I first encourage you all to pull on some boots and old clothes and go play in the mud! After your mud exploration, warm up inside with some sensory- science play! Learn all about the rain clouds that helped make that mud you just played in. Materials and Instructions Here

    Spy Experiments 

    Do you like pretending to be a spy or detective? Have you ever wanted to send a secret message to your friend or sibling without your parents being able to read it? Well this is the perfect science experiment for all the spies out there! Test out this experiment and you’ll be able to write secret messages to your friends who will then use chemistry to decode your message! Check back in on Wednesday for a link to Anna’s video demonstration. Materials and Instructions Here

    Duckling Data 

     JHCM teacher Anna has just received 4 ducklings and they are growing so fast! Watching them grow has already been such a learning experience for Anna, she wants you all to join in with her! So this week’s Wacky Wednesday Science is all about ducklings! Do a fun experiment to learn how ducks waterproof their feathers and then check out the Duckling Data measuring chart to make some scientific hypotheses on the growth of each of the ducklings! Materials and Instructions Here 

    Constellation Cups 

    Since our National Parks are still closed, let’s camp out in our living rooms! Make a fort or set up a tent, grab your sleeping bags and check out the stars! Yes, that’s right, bring the stars inside  with these DIY constellation cups! Project all sorts of different constellations on your ceiling with this cool scientific toy. Materials and Instructions Here 


    With Easter around the corner, the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum can’t help but think of what cool science experiments you can do with eggs! Egg-speriments are so fun and easy for you to do at home! This is one of our favorite egg-speriments that will be sure to wow your family! 

    Materials and Instructions Here 



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    Crafty Kids

    Watercolor Explorations! 

     Watercolors are not just for plain white paper, there are many materials and techniques that can be applied to this common art supply! Tessa will lead a watercolor exploration in this week’s video. What will happen when you drop lemon juice on your art? Will your painting change when salt and glue are added? Join us Tuesday to find out! Instructions and Material List Here 

    Tie-Dye with Sharpies

    With Spring in full swing and summer around the corner, what better time than now to bring out the
    tie-dye!? This boredom buster and wearable art is the perfect project to engage little ones and older kids alike. Instructions and Material List Here 

    Magic Milk 

    This week at Crafty Kids we’re doing a project that explores science and art, Magic Milk! What is
    Magic Milk? Simply put, it is the chemical reaction between milk, dish soap and food coloring that creates beautiful
    patterns. Instructions and Material List Here 

    Creating Marshmallow Towers

    How tall can you go?! In this week’s Crafty Kids, you will become engineers, designing and constructing squishy and scrumptious marshmallow towers. Join Tessa for a teacher-guided video Tuesday at 11am to learn how to make your tower structurally sturdy so it can reach magnificent heights! Instructions and Material List Here


    Make Your Own Toy Marionette

    Join us for Crafty Kids this Tuesday at 11am for a video tutorial with Tessa. In this project you will learn how to construct and decorate a toy marionette. It involves engineering, creativity and a whole lot of fun! Instructions and Material List Here


    Homemade Puffy Paint

    Puffy Paint is a fun sensory activity for all ages! Join our educator, Tessa on Tuesday morning for a full craft video demonstration. Instructions and Material List Here


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    Virtual Touch A Truck

    JHCM has partnered with your favorite community trucks to bring you an inside view of how they work. On your virtual truck tour you'll sit in the driver’s seat, learn how they run, and see them in action. See what kind of cool vehicles we have in our local emergency fleets. Join local emergency personnel and truck operators for a tour of the awesome vehicles that help run Teton County. 

    Jackson Hole Airport Firetruck Fleet 

    Teton County Search and Rescue Helicopter

    Teton County Search and Rescue Jetboat

    Teton County Fire/ EMS Engine #1

    Lockhart Cattle Co. Hay Tractor

    Westbank Sanitation Garbage Truck

    Jackson Hole Fire Department Firetruck

    Jackson Hole Fire Department Prepping for Fire with Personal Protection Equipment

    Jackson Hole Fire Department Truck #16

    Truck 16 Virtual Touch A Truck

    Bringing out the big boy for your Thurday Virtual Touch A Truck. Filming on a windy day makes for bad audio. Our apologies. Enjoy!

    Posted by Jackson Firefighters Association on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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    Toddler Time

    Cloud Dough

    This week at Toddler Time we’re making fluffy cloud dough. On Tuesday, Tessa will lead a teacher-guided video on our website on how to make this moldable yet soft matter. Your toddler will love playing and exploring with this pillow-ey dough! 

    Materials and Instructions Here

    Sensory Play with Dried Pasta

    Colorful dried pasta can provide hours of sensory and fine motor play for toddlers! Pasta comes in so many fun shapes and can be used for simple art projects, learning how to sort and organize, or stringing into bracelets and necklaces with string or pipe cleaners. Join Hatilie for her instructional video available here on Thursday. Materials and Instructions Here

    Oobleck Sensory Play

    Introducing the JHCM new online program-Toddler Time. This week let’s get messy! Join Tessa Thursday at 1:00 for a video demonstration guiding you through this sensory project. Oobleck is a non-Newton substance which means it acts a little like a solid and a liquid at the same time.  This is the perfect project for little ones to explore!  Be sure to ask questions and have fun! 

    Materials and Instructions Here

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    Birthday Party Deposit: $75

    Birthday Party - Member: $240

    Birthday Party - Non-member: $270

    Afterschool - Member: $250

    Afterschool - Non-member: $280

    Summer Camp - Member: $305

    Summer Camp- Non-member: $335

    Two Day All Girls STEAM Team Camp: $160

    Other (program payments, etc.)

    NOTE: for membership purchases, click here; and donations here


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    Play. Create. Explore. Discover. At the Jackson Hole Children's Museum, families examine the world together through interactive, hands-on exhibits and educational programs.

    The Jackson Hole Children's Museum strives to be inclusive of all individuals.
    Please read our statement of inclusivity and the actions we plan to take to support a more just and equitable society. 

    Stay Healthy! Play Hard!


    All of our great Online Play Museum programming is available on our Archived Virtual Programs page. During the summer months, JHCM will be focusing on our in-person summer camps.  We will be monitoring the Teton County COVID-19 Public Health risk level as we asses safe strategies to reopen the Children's Museum.  Stay tuned for information in this and future virtual programs.

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    In response to the COVID-19 virus, JHCM is temporarily closed.  

    Our apologies for any inconvenience.  We've taken this action in an effort to help mitigate the spread of the virus and promote public health.

    Due to the rapidly changing nature of this situation, we do not have a re-open date set at this point.

    JHCM is located at 155 N. Jean Street in the eastern annex building on the Jackson Elementary School campus. 






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    Jackson Hole Children's Museum is located at 155 N. Jean Street in Jackson, Wyoming.

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    Crafty Kids - Tuesdays at 11 AM

    We love creating here at the museum and we have plenty of fun materials to make things with! During Crafty Kids, our teachers will provide a crafty idea using a few specific supplies. Children can then explore their own artistic expressions and creative directions.

    Wacky Wednesday Science - Wednesdays at 11 AM

    Every Wednesday, kids (and adults) can explore their inner science nerd with experiments that encourage questions, observation, testing, and more questions. We will explore everything from chemical reactions, to states of matter, the physics of force and motion, to the magic of magnetism. The explorations will be open-ended enough for the younger kids to explore and for older kids (and adults) to ask further questions. 

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    Nearly all of the Jackson Hole Children's Museum exhibits were designed and built with the hands and hearts of artists and volunteers here in our community. We are grateful to the many individuals and corporate sponsors who have made our exhibits possible.

    The Veterinarian Exhibit

    Sponsored by VCA Spring Creek Animal Hospital and Teton Toys

    Our newest Jackson Jobs exhibit highlights the veterinary trade! Be a veterinarian for a day - wear a lab coat, read x-rays, listen to a heartbeat with a stethoscope, and bandage or splint an animal.

    The Book Nook

    Sponsored by Rotary Club of Jackson Hole

    Check out our hand-picked book selection categorized by science, cultural, art, holiday, Pre-K and chapter books. Third grade students from Jackson Elementary School created the wonderful literacy-based mural!

    The Climber

    Climb, slide, and swing on the monkey bars, the Climber offers a physical challenge and learning tool as children develop and test their strength and coordination!

    Creativity Studio

    Sponsored by Center of Wonder Arts for All and the Armour Family 

    Help yourself to a plethora of materials – recycled, reclaimed, reimagined – and transform them into unique and creative treasures.

    Innovation Wall

    Sponsored by Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

    A huge magnetic steel wall, explore tubes, gulleys, pulleys and screws, and learn about simple machines. Additional flexible, interactive wall with interchangeable tools and manipulatives.

    Mountain Market

    This popular exhibit is a great place for children and caregivers to experience role play, learn about food sources, and practice basic math skills.

    The Tot Spot

    Sponsored by Sweet Peas LLC

    This area is for our littlest visitors, designed to inspire the curiosity of kids under 3!

    Wild Wind Machine

    Designed by local craftsmen and artists, the Wind Machine allows kids to experiment with lift, drag, weight and thrust using different materials; and adjust airflow to see how wind affects flight.

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