Inclusivity Message

“We mourn the death of George Floyd. We mourn that America is built upon systems that oppress Black people and people of color. We mourn the violent protests that occur after peaceful protests go unheard and unrecognized. We mourn the repetition of this cycle over decades and centuries. We hope that this is a time for lasting and meaningful change [. . .] Together, we envision a world that honors all children and respects the diverse ways in which they learn and develop. To create that world, right now, our children and their families need the spaces we create to model empathy and boldly stand for healing and justice." -ACM Letter to Children's Museum

At the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum, we affirm this message from the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM) and we encourage our families to utilize resources like the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture’s new online portal, Talking About Race and Embrace Race to better inform our inclusive actions as a community.

The Jackson Hole Children’s Museum has always believed that by creating inclusive learning environments we can best fight to end systemic racism. We have been and will continue to manifest this belief with programs and outreach that create meaningful and lasting change within our community.

We are committed to the following actions:

- Creating safe spaces for all children to play, explore, create, and discover regardless of their unique identities
- Increasing opportunities for marginalized students to access our programming
- Utilizing resources that celebrate diverse identities
- Pursuing partnerships with organizations & funding opportunities to better serve marginalized communities
- Committing time and resources towards staff education and training to create more inclusive learning spaces
- Learning, through professional development, how to be more anti-racist in our operations and programming

We recognize that we are a small organization that has limited capacity and yet we believe that the work of creating inclusive and supportive environments for all students is critically important for healthy individuals and healthy communities.  Thank you for partnering with us, learning with us, and helping us be more inclusive of all individuals.


Ethan Lobdell


Reference ACM letter to children's museums