Watercolor Explorations! 

 Watercolors are not just for plain white paper, there are many materials and techniques that can be applied to this common art supply! Tessa will lead a watercolor exploration in this week’s video. What will happen when you drop lemon juice on your art? Will your painting change when salt and glue are added? Join us Tuesday to find out! Instructions and Material List Here 

Tie-Dye with Sharpies

With Spring in full swing and summer around the corner, what better time than now to bring out the
tie-dye!? This boredom buster and wearable art is the perfect project to engage little ones and older kids alike. Instructions and Material List Here 

Magic Milk 

This week at Crafty Kids we’re doing a project that explores science and art, Magic Milk! What is
Magic Milk? Simply put, it is the chemical reaction between milk, dish soap and food coloring that creates beautiful
patterns. Instructions and Material List Here 

Creating Marshmallow Towers

How tall can you go?! In this week’s Crafty Kids, you will become engineers, designing and constructing squishy and scrumptious marshmallow towers. Join Tessa for a teacher-guided video Tuesday at 11am to learn how to make your tower structurally sturdy so it can reach magnificent heights! Instructions and Material List Here


Make Your Own Toy Marionette

Join us for Crafty Kids this Tuesday at 11am for a video tutorial with Tessa. In this project you will learn how to construct and decorate a toy marionette. It involves engineering, creativity and a whole lot of fun! Instructions and Material List Here


Homemade Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint is a fun sensory activity for all ages! Join our educator, Tessa on Tuesday morning for a full craft video demonstration. Instructions and Material List Here