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K-5 Curriculum

The Jackson Hole Children's Museum specializes in what other's can't - MAKING A SPECTACULAR MESS! Our STEAM programs are two hours long, beginning with interactive, hands-on, exploratory stations and ending with big, messy, FUN and CREATIVITY!  Our curriculums and teachers honor self-discovery by giving students choices in their own education; creating life long lovers of LEARNING. We've adapted our STEAM programs to be remote and easy-to-transport this Fall. Please, see available offerings below. 


Push & Pull


Explore the forces that put objects in motion including: pushes, pulls, wind, magnets, friction and gravity.

Grade: Kindergarten

Wind Machine 2



Explore biomimicry through interactive  games, labs and projects.  Engineer a flying machine to test in our wind tunnel. 

Grade: 1st Grade

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Force & Motion


Design, engineer, and test Newton Racers. Crash, race and add “motion” to cars with magnets, balloons and sails.  

Grade: 3rd Grade

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Earth & Human Systems (Not Available)

Uncover the stories of Wyoming’s Geography through maps, fossils and rocks. Explore how weather affects us.

Grade: 4th Grade

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Animal Habitats


Explore animal adaptation through camouflage, feather fat fur adaptations, scat observations, and hibernation.

Grade: Kindergarten

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Investigate materials using science. Explore properties of hardness, flexibility, strength, shape and water resistance

Grade: 2nd Grade

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Science is magic! Experiment with electro-magnetic interactions as we play with magnets, electromagnets and their forces. 

Grade: 3rd Grade

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Cabbage Chemistry


Discover the building blocks of chemical reactions by create using cabbage juice and household basic & acidic solutions. 

Grade: 5th Grade

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Sound & Light


Use senses to explore sound and light waves through interactive sound stations. Design and build your own instrument.

Grade: 1st Grade

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Earth Changes

(Not Available)

Experiment with landform change models, including avalanche simulations, eroding soil and earthquakes! 

Grade: 2nd Grade

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(Winter / Spring)

Examine Conservation of Energy. Expand on chemical and electrical energy to build circuits with dough. 

Grade: 4th Grade

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( Not Available)

Explore gravity and inertia as we test variables of flight using aerodynamics. to build our own wind machine fliers. 

Grade: 5th Grade

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