APRES-SCHOOL ADVENTURES (formerly Kid's Club and Discovery Club)

Families can now register BY THE DAY for Apres-School Adventures!

Sign up to participate in enriching programming provided by Parks & Recreation, Jackson Hole Children's Museum, Wyoming Stargazing, and the Cougar Fund.

March 20 at 7:00 PM ONLINE here
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Session Dates: April 8 - May 31, 2019
Cost: $12 per day
Grades: Register by grade group (K-1; 2-3; 4-5)

YouTube It, YouTry It!

How many times have you watched a YouTube “Do-It-Yourself” video of people making catapults, bracelets, robots, cardboard games or cupcakes and begged your parents to help you make that project? Did you hear the words, “maybe later,” or “we don’t have the supplies for that,” or “that’s too messy!” Here at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum we love being engineers, scientists and artists and we often watch YouTube clips to learn how to teach some of these skills! We all know kids are obsessed with YouTube, and it’s no wonder why - there are so many amazing skills to learn. Each week we will focus on a popular YouTube theme, and attempt to make the project. Topics will vary from cooking, design challenges, making slime, bracelets and so much more! For our younger groups, we will also provide ample time to simply play with each other using Legos, blocks, animals, magnetic toys, etc.

Jackson Hole Children’s Museum schedule:
April 8 - May 3: grades K-1 at Munger Elementary

 - JES - JES, Wilson, Moran and Kelly students.
 - Munger - Munger students.

Colter students can choose either location.

Take advantage of the Adventure Express, a complimentary post-program shuttle from Munger to CES or JES. Departs MMES at 5:35 PM; drops at CES 5:45 PM; drops at Parks and Recreation 6 PM.

For more transportation information, click here.